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CBD oil versus CBD gummies: the pros and cons

If you’re in the market for a new CBD product, you’ve probably noticed it’s becoming more and more complicated to choose. Once upon a time, CBD oils were the only thing on offer, but now there’s a whole range of options, including CBD gummies.

Both have their pros and cons, so we’ve put together this guide to help you decide. Which product is best for you: CBD oil or CBD gummies?

What makes a good CBD product?

When it comes to deciding which CBD product to buy, there are a few things to take into consideration. It’s not just a matter of choosing a brand, but also selecting the way that you want to administer your CBD.

When choosing a CBD product, you need to take into account what’s called bioavailability. This refers to how much of the active compound that you use actually ends up in your system. Methods such as inhaling will have a high bioavailability as they are absorbed quickly into the bloodstream. Edibles, on the other hand, are broken down by the body’s digestive system where a good deal of the CBD is lost.

If you want to get the most out of your CBD, it’s important that you buy from a reputable seller. When you buy a low-cost product, it’s unlikely that you are getting the full potency that is listed on the item. Some brands will substitute hemp oil, which contains no CBD at all. Add to that you might even be consuming dangerous chemicals. Happy Garden makes all of its lab tests available to customers, so you can see that you’re getting exactly the purity and potency you paid for.

What is CBD oil?

If you have been researching CBD, you would have seen that CBD oil is one of the most common products available. Apart from flowers, this is one of the most natural forms of CBD. It’s extracted directly from the cannabis plant, then blended with a carrier oil for easier dosing. While plenty of other CBD products are now available, oils remain a popular choice for a wide range of benefits.

Pros of opting for a CBD oil

  • Readily available – the popularity of CBD oil means that it can be found online and in retail stores in countries where it is legal to sell.
  • High bioavailability – CBD should be administered sublingually, where it can enter the bloodstream directly. This method bypasses the stomach and liver, where a significant amount of the compound may be destroyed
  • Wide variety – CBD oil isn’t just a single product. It’s available as full-spectrum or broad-spectrum and in a wide range of potencies such as 5% or 24%. Some brands even offer different flavours of oil.

 Cons of opting for a CBD oil

  • Inconvenient – taking CBD oil isn’t difficult, but using the dropper at work or in public might not always be ideal. As well as the danger of spilling, there’s the chance that the dropper might seem inappropriate.
  • More difficult to dose – At Happy Garden, we do always advise you how much CBD you get in a full dropper. But if you want to take less than a dropper, it can be hard to measure exactly how much you are administering.

What are CBD gummies?

CBD gummies are one of the more recent additions to the line-up of CBD products. As CBD has increased in popularity, brands are appealing to a wider range of customers, including those who are unfamiliar with oils or smoking. Gummies are made with CBD extract but otherwise look and taste just like normal sweets. The most popular gummies contain CBD isolate, with no THC or other cannabinoids, but broad-spectrum and full-spectrum options are also available.

Pros of opting for CBD gummies

  • Easy to take – gummies are ideal for taking when in public or when you’re on the go. They look just like sweets, so there’s no need to hide them and no chance of spilling.
  • Easy dosing – each gummy contains a set amount of CBD, so you don’t have to worry about measuring.
  • Tasty – edibles can be one of the most pleasant ways to take your daily dose, especially if you are new to CBD or don’t like the flavour of the oils.

Cons of opting for CBD gummies

  • Lower bioavailability – with any kind of edible, the product is going to have to pass through the digestive system. This means that more of the active ingredient is broken down by the body before it enters the bloodstream.
  • Less variety – gummies can come in some great tasting flavours, but you won’t find the same range of potencies available. You’ll probably also find that not every brand will stock gummies.


As you can see, both gummies and oils have plenty of benefits to offer for both new and experienced CBD users. The best product for you will ultimately depend on your specific needs and lifestyle. But whichever product you choose to try – we have you covered with our range of CBD oils and gummies.

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