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If you are new to the world of CBD, you may be confused about the different forms that CBD can take, and which of these is right for you. CBD flowers are just one of the ways in which CBD is sold, and can provide the full range of benefits such as relief from anxiety and pain and a general feeling of relaxation.


You may also have seen these go by the name of CBD buds, hemp flowers or hemp buds. As with CBD oil, these flowers come from the hemp plant, not the marijuana plant. This is because hemp is naturally higher in CBD and lower in THC – the psychotropic compound that gets you high when using marijuana.

As the hemp plants mature, the females begin to develop flowers. Unlike the open flowers that you might think of on other plants, the flowers of cannabis are small and tightly packed, forming buds along the stems. As the flowers grow, they become filled with the chemical compounds that makes them so beneficial.

The most abundant of these compounds is CBD, which is why they are referred to as CBD buds or flowers. However, the plant also contains many other cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes, all of which impact the body in different ways.


Both of these products start out the same way, as the mature flowers of the hemp plant. In the case of CBD flowers, all that is done is that the buds are carefully harvested from the plant, then dried and packaged. This means that the entire flower stays intact.

In the case of CBD oil, the flowers are carefully processed to extract only the chemical compounds that are of benefit. The resulting extract is then mixed with a carrier MCT oil. This allows the dosage to be exactly formulated to contain a particular percentage of CBD, but can also help the CBD be absorbed more quickly and effectively.

Whether you choose to use CBD flowers or CBD oil is really a matter of personal preference. Some people like the convenience of the CBD oil, which can be transported easily. CBD oil also has been extracted to provide a very specific dosage of CBD in each bottle, which can be useful for people who are perhaps more sensitive to the effects. Other people prefer CBD flowers knowing due to the fact that they are completely unprocessed. This ensures that all of the beneficial chemical compounds remain intact in the product.

CBD flowers can be used to receive the same benefits as with other CBD products, such as CBD oil, but with a different method of use and often a different potency.


As a natural product, there can obviously be a great deal of variation from plant to plant. This is why you might hear the word ‘strains’ being used. While all of these varieties are actually hemp plants, each strain is specifically bred to have different levels of chemical compounds that give it different qualities.

In the case of the case of hemp plants that are used for their flowers, the most important thing is to breed a strain that’s very low in THC, which is the psychotropic compound that gives the high feeling. Each strain is then bred to have a different level of CBD and other cannabinoids, which determines the potency or percentage of CBD in every gram of flowers.

But along with these cannabinoids, hemp flowers can also contain differing levels of terpenes and flavonoids. These determine how the flowers smell and taste, and why you might see strains that are listed as having a fruity fragrance or a taste of ginger.

Buying from a reputable grower will help to ensure that you get a consistent product with a consistent dose of CBD every time.


It’s easy to understand the confusion that many people have between these two products. Both are the flowers or buds of the cannabis plant, but there is a key difference.

What we think of as weed or pot comes from the marijuana plant. Marijuana is in fact a type of cannabis, but it contains high percentages of the chemical compound THC. This is the compound that gives you the high when you smoke, vape or consume weed.

CBD flowers come from hemp plants. While hemp is also a type of cannabis, it is much higher in CBD and contains very small amounts of THC. This means it has all the benefits of the plant’s natural cannabinoids, but without any mind-altering experiences.

To the naked eye, hemp and marijuana flowers will look the same, and may have a very similar taste and smell. Always buy your CBD flowers from a reputable grower to ensure you are getting a product that has THC levels that are below the legal limit.

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