Detail and: attention are key factors to our successful growth.
We give each and every plant its own personal time and treatment, as if it was our only protégé.
From planting to harvest – the plants are all handled with an endless amount of love and dedication.

You’ll be happy
to know that…

We only water our plants
with mineral water which
is crucial for the optimal
development of the flowers

Our plants are grown in a sealed
and climate-controlled structure
without pesticides or any other
dangerous materials.

We grow our plants on elevated
platforms and not directly on the ground
to avoid any kinds of pests and to
provide them with the ideal treatment.

The full growing process is conducted
completely manually in order
to handle every plant with
human attention.

We often play classical music
to our plants; a method proven
to allow them a more relaxed
and stress- free growth

All of our products are tested
by the CTAEX laboratory in Spain
and meet the European standards
of up to 0.2% THC