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How do you like your CBD? Relaxing or energizing? Sweet or tangy? Our line of products offers an endless range of flavor and sensation.

We invite you to choose the product best suited to you and your lifestyle.



These royal strains were groomed in a state-of-the-art laboratory in Barcelona by a team of cannabis experts from Spain and Columbia. Their strict growing conditions generated rich flavors and wonderful aromas leading to unforgettable sensations.



Meet our Latin princes. Three rare strains native to the Colombian jungles have been developed and enhanced in our laboratories over an extensive 12-year process lead by Dr. Juan Carlos and our world-renown team of experts.

World-class technologies and deep devotion from both the production and scientific teams are the key ingredients to making these strains’ genetics so unique and extraordinary.



At Happy Garden, we’re passionate about bringing you the most natural experience. That’s why when we create our CBD oil, we start with the best quality plants, grown organically without harmful pesticides. The expert harvesting and minimal processing results in a rich CBD oil that’s both pure and potent.



Applying CBD directly to the skin can be a fast and effective way to get relief for localised issues. For our skin line, we’ve started with some of our best CBD, then blended it with plant extracts and essential oils. The result is a range of products that are not only beneficial, but also a pleasure to use.



Humans aren’t the only ones that can enjoy the incredible benefits that CBD has to offer – it’s also a useful supplement for your companion animals. We’ve formulated these treats and tinctures specifically for dogs and cats to be safe and soothing, with a taste they won’t be able to resist.



If you’re new to taking CBD, our gummies are a great place to start. You’ll get all the benefits of our highest quality broad-spectrum CBD without the need to measure doses. With four tasty fruit flavours, it’s hard to believe they’re so good for you.

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